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Whether the source of the illness is physical or emotional, acupuncture can not only treat your primary complaints but other minor discomforts that may have accompanied it.

We offer tried-and-true traditional acupuncture. While many people for hundreds of years have experienced physical and emotional relief with traditional acupuncture, the fear of needles is a common hindrance.

Did you know acupuncture has also gone high-tech? Introducing laser acupuncture—traditional meets modern! When light energy photons penetrate the skin, your body’s natural healing processes are stimulated. We love to use laser acupuncture to promote rapid wound healing and for highly-targeted relief of sore joints.

Just like various light therapies are used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the darker winter months, laser light acupuncture treatments also work to reduce your stress and anxiety all year round.

Patients have also reported pain and migraine relief as well as increased energy. Since our laser acupuncture is such a safe, non-invasive treatment, this is one of our popular treatment options. You have nothing to lose but stress and pain!




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