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Massage—the ultimate adult treat or mom’s night out! Out with the stress and pain—in with the relief. With so many massage choices, it may be hard to choose. We’ll guide you based on your needs!

Swedish Massage: For those who want a gentler touch, this massage releases stress and gets your circulatory and lymph systems flowing.

Deep Tissue Massage: Suffering from sore muscles and in need of deeper pain relief? This massage works especially well for scar tissue or muscle shrinkage.

Sports Massage: Athletes rely on a great massage to remain flexible and avoid risks of sports injuries as well as improve endurance. PLUS we’ll even train you in proper balance techniques!


Hot Stone Massage: Sweet pain and tension relief for sufferers from chronic illnesses such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Reduce muscle pain while increasing flexibility in your joints.

Facial Massage: Is TMJ, back and neck pain, tension or migraine headaches making your life miserable? Our gentle technique works to effectively release facial muscle and joint tension and restore tissues.

Trigger Point Massage: Sometimes one super-tight muscle or sore area makes life miserable. Our massage therapists are amazing at undoing those “knotty” muscle problems.

Patient Testimonials

Richard Walker – Sports Injury Patient

I got an amazing massage from Mel, he really got deep down into my back, working my rhomboids. It’s been a weak point for me. I definitely recommend this to all athletes, personal trainers, and to all my clients cause right now I feel amazing!

Nadia Carpio – Sports Massage Patient

I came to Rapha Wellness Center today to get a massage for my shoulders because I overtrained them. My Physical Therapist was able to explain why they were hurting. Turns out I had a slight dislocation and my tendons were too tight from doing too many shoulder workouts. I couldn’t even lift my arms up without having no pan. Now I feel so much better, I almost cried now gonna lie, because now I can actually move my arms without any pain! I am super excited and I really recommend this place, it’s been a great experience!

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